How I work

The way I work varies depending on who I work with and the specific problem we are trying to solve. Every potential collaboration starts with a conversation. This helps us fully understanding the problem, challenge or opportunity so that we can design right approach and project together.


I bring together young and old and tap intergenerational wisdom to innovate and co-create alternativesocial enterprises. These alternatives are borne out of deep understanding of people's evolving needs in an age where where living longer. The projects start by building deep understanding changing needs
related to work, housing, finances, health and well-being, or recreation.

Collaborators in these innovation projects include leading edge   businesses and NFP's,  entrepreneurs, designers, analysts, or technologists. Maybe you. Want to participate?  


With my talks  I inspire people to
re-imagine age, both individually and collectively. I inspire business leaders to think differently about their workforces and their customers as they age and their needs evolve. 
I deliver bespoke talks for closed and public audiences.  

These include talks for leadership teams to shift perspectives at the start of a strategic planning exercise, or it may be for innovation conferences or
public forums where alternative perspectives are sought on how to approach ageing and longevity.  
Want to book me? 

Inge speaking at TEDx SouthBank


I collaborate with leaders who want to innovative. I provide strategy, human-centred design, coaching and facilitation services to help leaders better understand their customers, staff or end-users of their products and service. I c0-design responsive and innovative services and experiences. Sectors include youth, health and sustainability.  

I support leaders and their teams, facilitate groups using human centred design tools and methods to enable participants to see and create new possibilities. We translate these into actionable strategies. Want to collaborate?

Mapping possibilies

Mapping possibilies